Cdiscount Ads: your visibility solution

The visibility of your products with our 2 million unique daily visitors is the key to success. We allow you to position your products on exclusive dedicated sites.


Solutions for all merchants and all budgets

Turnkey, our devices are clear and simple to set up

Activity reports available for all our media

Sponsored Products

Sponsored Products are THE visibility solution of reference on Cdiscount Marketplace. In only a few clics, you can set your bids to make your products appear on the first page of Cdiscount search engine results.

Cost per Click (CPC). You only pay when your ad is clicked.

Your products in the 1st page of the Cdiscount search results page, in 5th position.

ROI Performance Leverage. You have full visibility on all indicators, including your ROI.


  • 1st page of search results
  • Visibility on all media: computer, tablet and mobile


Are you interested in Sponsored Products?

Contact us about our Premium Packs

You will find complete offers including Sponsored Products.

Premium Ads

Premium Ads give you a unique pass. Your products will be positioned on sites exclusively dedicated to our Marketplace merchants, ensuring an optimal presence.


Lump sum cost for a period of time

You pay for a complete visibility package which can contain several devices.

Maximum visibility for your products

Through banners on the Cdiscount homepage, text links or fixed locations on the search results page.

The assurance of a tailor-made visibility

Your ad runs continuously without going through an action.

Example of visibility on the Home Page:

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