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New on your subscriptions: for all Dragon and T-Rex Premium Pack subscriptions, Benefit up to € 1,800 ex.VAT in savings by committing to 6 or 12 months.



€59.99 ex.VAT/mo.









€1,699.99ex. VAT/mo.*

* Reduced price, valid for a 12-month commitment. Price without commitment: €1999,99ex.VAT/ month. T-Rex: 999,99€ex.VAT/month, Dragon 299,99€ex.VAT/month VAT.

**Dragon Pack, have €200ex.VAT monthly to activate your choice on the service Cdiscount Fulfillment or Premium Ads

*** Cdiscount Transport free subscription

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Cdiscount Sponsored Products highlight your best products in strategic Ad placements on Being on the first page following a search is now possible!

Based on a 100% performance model, ie cost-per-click (CPC) submitted to an auction system, you have the double guarantee that your product will be seen and your prospect will be involve with your product.

Easy operation principle :

  • Your account is credited monthly as a part of your Premium Pack.
  • Create your campaigns with automatic features that manage optimizations for you.
  • Then track your performance in real time on the dashboard of your account.

Produits Sponsorisés Cdiscount

The Premium Ads service allows you to highlight your best references on the most visited pages.

The strengths: 

  1. Increase your visibility
  2. Target your prospects
  3. Take advantage of exclusive Ads placements dedicated to your products

Premium Ads Cdiscount Mobile

You can choose now, create your customized campaigns!

Find the appropriate content for your products.

  •  Mobile text link (drop-down menu by product universe)
  •  Privatized carousel display PC / Mobile (15 to 20 products)
  • Highlighted Mobile / PC (Ads placement in the middle of Cdiscount mobile homepage)
  • Banner (choose where would you like to place your banner on the website showcase)

Make your best products stand out thanks to tailor-made campaigns!

With Cdiscount Premium Ads, you have the choice:

  • From the redirection towards your shop, a list of your products or towards your flagship product
  • Your campaign duration
  • of your ads placements!

The benefits

Speed ​​up your sales

  • Added the mention to your products “Shipped by Cdiscount”
  • Your products are eligible to our customers subscribing to the loyalty program “Cdiscount at will” which entitles for exemple the express home delivery, free and unlimited for this customers.
  • Your products benefit from a high visibility volume on Cdiscount & willl be delivered in express by us. The service is free for our customers!

Save time and focus on developing your business  

  • Manage your daily sales and inventory with our online tools from your dedicated sales area, wherever you are.
  • Benefit from our logistic support expert team advices to help you develop your activity on Cdiscount.

Increase customer satisfaction 

  • Get access to 100% of the delivery methods offered by Cdiscount (at home or in one of our 18,000 lockers and express points)
  • Benefit from our logistic expertise (reception and storage of your products in our 300 000 m² of secure and mechanized warehouses, preparation and shipment of your orders, management of returns and customer relations)
  • Reduce complaints on products delivery claims and increase positive reviews on your products

Improve your profitability

  • Benefit from our attractive prices list whatever your products 
  • Ask for advance payment on your sales in Fulfillment *

Cdiscount sellers who use the Fulfilment service get an increase on their sales volume of 24% **

* Subject to conditions.
**Study conducted on a representative panel of sellers regarding sales made on the Cdiscount Marketplace before and after subscribing to the service

Your products and deliveries are excellent, take advantage of this service to let your prospects and customers know. You will reassure them thanks to our label. It will also allow you to distinguish yourself on Cdiscount marketplace

This gold excellence label appears on the right side of your shop name as well on your store, search lists, product list and is also visible on all your product page.

How do you get it?

  • Your average customer rating on the Marketplace is greater than or equal to 4
  • You have at least 2 months seniority on our Marketplace
  • You have a minimum of 5 customer reviews.

The previous conditions are cumulative and subject to compliance with the CGMAD.

Customize your shop to your image while enjoying the important traffic of! Simple and intuitive, you can add a banner and your logo on top of your products list.

A display window is also available and customizable with banners to highlight your best product categories or your flagship products and a carousel.

Ship better: sell more!

Cdiscount Transport

Access a technical platform, multi-connected (Transporter / Marketplace / CMS) which centralizes all of your orders and allows you to control the printing of your labels, the preparation of your packages, tracking your delivery.


Centralize and standardize to make the reading of your preparation notes easier. Available on all the orders of your distribution network (Marketplaces and own site).


Submit the delivery methods that your customers prefer. Activate our partner carriers: Colissimo, Mondial Relay, DHL, Chronopost, Delivengo easy, etc …


Print your carrier labels in 1 click, compatible with our partner carriers (Colissimo, DHL, Chronopost, Mondial relais, Delivengo, GLS, letter followed …).

Improve your customers’ experience 

Communicate real-time tracking numbers and build customer loyalty


25  Carriers

74 Marketplaces



Get exclusive benefits and stand out!


€1.000 ex. VAT /month

Sponsored Products

Use this free monthly credit to create your sponsored product campaigns on a 100% performance model! Boost your best products visibility on our strategic Ads placements of our most visited pages.


€1,500 ex. VAT/month

Premium Ads

Enjoy a monthly credit offered to increase your best products visibility with our Premium advertising formats. You are guaranteed to have the best Premium locations each month with a tailored media plan made with the help of your dedicated account manager.


€500 ex. VAT/month

of Fulfilment invoice rebates

Free yourself from the storage logistical constraints, orders preparation and shipping! Our service Cdiscount Fulfillment manages everything for you in its 300.000 m² warehouse. Benefit from up to €500 of monthly discount on your invoice.

Testimonials from Premium Sellers.

What do they say about us?

Seller My Lady Shop – category HYGIENE-HELTHCARE-BEAUTY

1)      When did you start to be a Premium Seller? In december 2017.

2)      Which pack did you choose?  The Leopard pack. 

3)      Which functionnality do you prefer in your package?  The CPC, that is to say the Sponsored Products to highlight my best products.

4)      What are your tips for new sellers who join our Premium community.   Monitor and improve Sponsored Product campaigns from time to time.

5)      Free remarks: Since I use the Leopard Pack in my shop, sales are growing, I highly recommend it.

Seller Lengow day in Novemeber 2017

Free testimonial “Thanks to the premium pack we were able to control our activity on Cdiscount more finely and especially to accelerate it:

·       Detailed sales reports and the quality scorecard enable us to make quick decisions about our sales strategies and customer relationship management. They give us a precise and immediate view of the categories and KPIs we need to work on.

·       The sponsored products allowed us to highlight new product in a few weeks and develop sales when it would have taken us several months of optimization to get the visibility that they have right now.

·       And thanks to the Excellence label, customers know that we are a recognized seller on Cdiscount. “

Frequently asked questions

Registration takes place in three stages:

1 / Select above the desired pack, you will be directed to a new page.

2 / Enter your information (seller ID, promo code, subscription duration …) and validate.

3 / Finally you will receive a final registration link in your mailbox. This last step allows us to validate your authentication.

You have the choice to subscribe to non-binding packs, ie you can cancel at any time. Or to take advantage of your preferential price, a commitment of 6 or 12 months to pay monthly or cash.

If you subscribe before the 15th of the month, you will be billed throughout the month. After the 15th and for a change of pack, you will be charged from the 1st of the following month.

  • If you subscribe before the 15th of the month for the first time, all the services and options of your pack are activated in the following days.
  • If you subscribe after the 15th of the month, some of the services and options available in your pack will be open but the credits will be added from the 1st of the following month.
  • If you change your pack (upgrade & downgrade), it will also take effect from the 1st of the following month.

Upon subscription to the above packages, you are exempt from the marketplace basic subscription fees. Upon cancellation of the pack, your marketplace subscription fees takes effect.

The “Excellence” pictogram will be displayed on all the seller product page if:

 – your average customer reviews on the Marketplace is greater than or equal to 4.

 – you have at least 5 customer ratings.

The previous conditions are cumulative and subject to compliance with the CGMAD.

With the Scorecard, you can easily follow your Cdiscount activity with your Tops Sales and Tops Flops by category. And also compare your business volume compared to last year and the previous month.

With the QualityCard, you can access a complete analysis of your quality indicators and complaints for logistics, customer management and product quality. So you have all the elements in hand to become a top Cdiscount merchant.

To change the pack, go to “Change my subscription” and select the desired pack directly. You will receive directly in your mailbox a validation link of the new pack.

To cancel your pack just click on this link in the “Premium Pack” tab at the top of this page and follow the instructions.

Learn more about Cdiscount and its ecosystem

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  • Business volume growth + 13% (Q1-2018)
  • 34% of the business volume achieved by customers subscribing to the loyalty program "Cdiscount à Volonté" (Q1-2018)
  • 32.5% of the business volume is realized on the Marketplace (T1-2018)
  • 60.3% of traffic comes from mobile devices (T1-2018)
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